6 Years Trying to Conceive Second Child. Success after two treatments.

We are extremely grateful for her care and support

· Unexplained,Failed IVF

Cannot recommend Siobhán Kehoe enough! After 6 years of trying to conceive for our second child and having undergone numerous treatments, e.g. fertility drugs, IUI, IVF, Interlipid treatments etc, after 2 visits (6 weeks apart), I am now 15 weeks pregnant & still in shock!!

Both myself and my husband visited Siobhán, we had acupuncture and both of us got herbs to boil and take daily, together with other herbal remedies, barley grass & spirulina. Originally Siobhán had said it may take up to 8 months of treatment to sort us out but only after 2 months I was pregnant. The herbs are extremely powerful and though hard to take, are definitely worth the bad taste!

I would highly recommend this treatment way in advance of anybody thinking of the IVF route. With IVF its only trial and error with medications which may never work. With this it’s completely natural and so different, no side effects etc. We highly recommend Siobhán, she genuinely cares and wants to help - unlike fertility treatment hospitals who charge a small fortune and talk you into treatment without often getting to the root of the problems.

Since my pregnancy, Siobhán has kept in touch and has offered lots of advice. We are extremely grateful for her care and support and of course her magic treatment and have no reason whatsoever not to recommend her for anybody contemplating similar treatment.

Geraldine Roche