Thinking About IVF but Pregnant after Six Weeks

I now have a beautiful baby boy in my arms. Thanks Siobhán for all your help.

· Unexplained,Failed IVF,Acupuncture

I am a 37 years old mum with one little girl. I conceived without any problem the first time. After trying to conceive for over a year and investigations showing that everything was normal I was considering going down IVF route. I heard about Siobhan through a friend and decided to go and see her before making a decision about IVF.

As a nurse myself, alternative medicine would compete with what I have been taught. I must admit I was sceptical until I spoke to her. Siobhan completely convinced me. She was able to identify exactly how I was feeling. She recommended changes: diet, herbs and acupuncture. Six weeks later I was pregnant.

I read all the testimonials and thought that wouldn't be me. I now have a beautiful baby boy in my arms. I would highly recommend Siobhan. Her care and support prior to and during pregnancy is fabulous. I had to travel from Longford to attend appointments and if I decide to have another child I will travel again. Thanks Siobhan for all your help.

Anne-Marie, 38, Longford, Dec ‘16