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Avoiding Clomid after Miscarriage

We took the herbs and capsules recommended by Siobhan and 6 weeks after our first visit I was pregnant!

· Miscarriages,Unexplained

We had been trying for a while to conceive and eventually in 2014 we found out I was expecting however, we were devastated when I miscarried in December at 10 weeks pregnant. There was no reason offered for the miscarriage and we were so upset we didn't ask either. We continued to try for a baby for another year with no success. I had visited my GP who wanted me to start Clomid but I wasn't happy with this treatment option, I thought it very severe treatment with very little testing of my body or my husband.

A friend had recommended Siobhan and said that Siobhan had helped them conceive and Siobhán’s treatment was not invasive. I read testimonies from this website which gave us great hope so I booked a double appointment for myself and my husband. We both took the herbs and capsules recommended by Siobhan after our consultation and 6 weeks after our first visit I was pregnant!

I had a relatively easy pregnancy and we are now the proud parents of a very happy and healthy 10 week old baby boy. I do believe that without Siobhán’s help we would not have this precious little bundle and we cannot thank her enough. I will be back to Siobhan straightaway if we decide to have another and i have recommended Siobhan to a few friends who were struggling to get pregnant.
My advice would be not to wait, make the appointment and let Siobhan help you as she did us.

Aine, Wexford, Jan ‘17

Siobhan Kehoe Fertility Treatment Centre
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