AMH Level of 4.0, Failed ICSI cycle and Extremely Low Motility. Donor Egg was advised.

We both couldn't recommend Siobhán enough

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Read my story on how with an AMH level of 4.0 and Siobhan’s treatment helped me conceive. A recent video on my fertility journey is below.

Catriona testimony for Siobhan Kehoe Fertility Treatment Centre

April 2010 at 31 years old I had a missed miscarriage. We continued on the road of trying to conceive. Six to nine months later, still no joy!! At that point we both decided to attend our GP who did Day 3 and Day 21 bloods and my husband’s semen analysis. All the standard tests for fertility levels. These bloods showed high FSH levels and my husband’s semen analysis showed a low count and motility.

From here we got referred to a fertility clinic in Dublin. The fertility consultant there requested a further blood test. This test was to measure my ovarian reserve, and an AMH test. This test came back as low fertility, my AMH level was 9.66. The same test was repeated 1 year later and it showed an AMH level of 4.0. Fertility treatment was required based on these results; we did 2 cycles of IUI and 1 cycle of IVF (ISCI). None of these treatments worked, still no joy of our ever longed precious baby. With the ISCI cycle, we didn’t even make it to the transferring of the embryo.

One day while browsing on the internet, I came upon a post Re: Siobhan’s Success Stories. I rang her immediately and got an appointment with her. We both attended together at the end of November 2012. From her assessment of my tongue and pulse, we were diagnosed with spleen and liver deficiency. From here our treatment consisted of herbs, diet, supplements and some acupuncture. We both followed the treatment as best as we could.

On the 7th of January 2013, 6 weeks after meeting with Siobhan, we found out I was pregnant, we were over the moon. In our opinion the herbs is what worked for us, in combination with the other parts of our treatment. We only attended Siobhan twice and got pregnant naturally.

Update: We now have a healthy 5 month old baby girl. As a non-believer at the start, I was quite skeptical of Siobhan’s treatment, but for any person reading this and is going through the rollercoaster of trying to conceive, I would certainly contact Siobhan. We both firmly believe that Traditional Chinese Medicine helped us to get to where we are now. We both can now look forward to the future as parents to our beautiful daughter.

Update 2016:Following our first successful pregnancy, we decided to return to Siobhan. We started herbs and diet in July 2014.After a couple of months of treatment, we found out we were pregnant again with our second child. She was born in September 2015 , same month as our first. She is now seven months old. Our lives are complete. We both couldn’t recommended Siobhan enough, only for her knowledge, and treatment. Thanks so much Siobhan

Update June 2018: We returned to Siobhan and conceived our other girl naturally we are so delighted and we have our three healthy girls. I have done a video on Siobhan's website. We are so greateful for Siobhan's help.