Endometriosis and told she had no chance of conceiving naturally

May 9, 2017 Facebook Live, Siobhan talking about Endometriosis with patients who, with her help, went on to conceive naturally

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Below Siobhán is talking with patients Cathy Cunningham and Anna Twoomey during a Facebook Live event. Both had endometriosis.

Cathy had a low AMH and previously tried IVF but this failed and no eggs were collected during retrieval. When she went back to the clinic for a review of why IVF didn’t work, she was told she had no chance of conceiving naturally and that her chance of conceiving with IVF was less than 2%. She was also told she would need a donor egg (this was, unfortunately, lost in transmission due to technical difficulties). After two visits to Siobhán she became pregnant and is now 14 weeks pregnant with all looking good.

Anna had severe endometriosis with severe pelvic pain. She had a laparoscopy but the pain returned after two months. She went to Siobhan and got better within a month of Siobhán's treatment. When she decided to get pregnant, even with her history of endometriosis, she conceived within the first month and now has a healthy baby boy.