A Breech Baby

"I am writing to let others know about TCM and how it helped with my breech baby."

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I am currently on my fourth pregnancy and received the news at 38 weeks that I had a breech baby. As I have had three normal deliveries to date I was very disappointed with the prospect of caesarean section. I also have a 12 month old baby at home to care for which would have been very difficult post section.

I was advised by my consultant that some ladies had tried acupuncture etc. so I contacted Siobhan Kehoe. She advised and provided me with the Moxi Herb sticks which I burned for ten minutes at each foot. I should admit at this stage that I was a complete sceptic having never tried anything of this nature previously but given the circumstances I reckoned anything was worth a try.

On the third evening about 2 hours after burning the herbs, I felt a very intense movement of the baby and on scanning the following day the baby had indeed turned to a head first presentation.

I am writing this testimonial to advise other ladies in the same position as myself firstly of its exsistence and secondly of its simplicity. It is amazing really how something so easy can save people from the rigours and recovery time of the section.

It’s a pity that more ladies are not aware of its existence as apparently it works in the vast majority of cases. Indeed in the last few weeks I have heard of two other ladies for whom it has been a success.

Alice Harris, Enniscorthy, Wexford.