Severe Endometriosis

Pregnant very quickly after visits to Siobhán

· Endometriosis,Irregular Periods,Period-Pain

I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis around three years ago. I attended Siobhán as I was suffering with persistent pain. The Doctor prescribed me pain killers but I did not see them as a long term solution. After five visits to Siobhán, I only had one to two days of discomfort during my period.

In the run up to my wedding in autumn 2015, I visited Siobhán every month to ensure I had no flare ups that may have been caused by the stress of the wedding. We had intended on waiting until after the wedding to try for a baby. As I had lots of issues over the last four years, including severe endometriosis, cysts and kidney infections, I had anticipated that it would take me a while to get pregnant.

Thankfully, this was not the case! I fell pregnant just two weeks after our wedding. Unfortunately I suffered severe morning sickness, so I decided to attend Siobhán again. Within three visits and after taking some prescribed herbs, my morning sickness was gone.

I am now days away from having our first baby and have continued to be treated all through my pregnancy by Siobhán. I have had no problems bar my initial morning sickness, and have flown through the pregnancy.

I would undoubtedly credit Siobhán with my success in getting pregnant so quickly and having a healthy pregnancy to date. I will be continuing with acupuncture in the future as it has greatly improved my quality of life and my overall health.

Thanks for all your help Siobhán!

UPDATE: Baby boy born at a very healthy weight. Thank you for everything you have done for us Siobhán!!

A. Fitzgerald, August 2016