'A Fertile Plan' - 4th Radio Interview

on South East Radio with Siobhan Kehoe & Karen Tomkins

· South East Radio

Karen talks to Sarah and Conor (They had a failed ivf, where no eggs were retrieved and the couple were told that a donor egg was their best and probably only option according to their medical test results. Sarah had an amh of 0.2 and a fsh of 52. Conor had an abnormal semen analysis with poor motility and morphology) Conor and Sarah conceived naturally within 5 weeks of Siobhan’s treatment and had a beautiful baby girl Clara.

Aoife and Ken got pregnant within 4 months of A Fertile Plan and Aoife speaks about Ken’s semen analysis results improving with Siobhán’s help and about her positive shock of getting pregnant and all is going very well.

Danielle and Stephen decided to discontinue when A Fertile Plan discontinued earlier this year, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Ciara and Lorcan took a break due to family circumstances but Ciara is now planning to go for a frozen embryo transfer in the very near future and Siobhan is helping to get her up to optimal health. Siobhan is also helping Ciara get her period healthy to give the embryo the best chance of implantation.

Siobhán speaks of how she has embraced going on this journey with Karen and the four couples, unsure of what the outcome would be, but feeling very positive from her work experience. She speaks of her passion of helping couples / individuals, where they feel hope is gone. Siobhan encourages people not to feed the fear, but to trust their bodies in getting pregnant!