A healthy pregnancy after three miscarriages and ectopic pregnancy

"I'd advise anyone who is having problems to try Siobhan first before pursuing other options"

· Miscarriages,Endometriosis

If it was not for Siobhán Kehoe, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't now be expecting our second baby.

We decided to start our family in summer 2009. I was 34 at the time and my husband was 36. We conceived easily in August but that pregnancy ended in miscarriage in October at about 9 weeks. A shock to the system but a fairly common occurrence so we dusted ourselves off and tried again. I got pregnant again in December had a very easy and healthy pregnancy which resulted in our lovely now five year old boy, born August 2010.

We felt ready to try again about 18 months later and while it took a little longer to conceive than we expected, it did happen and I found I was pregnant in July 2012 (this ended in miscarriage in August/September at about 8 weeks). I got pregnant again in November and was closely monitored by my GP this time. HCG wasn't rising as we would've liked and a suspected ectopic pregnancy was confirmed a couple of weeks later. We were fairly shattered at this stage and felt that we needed some help. 

I started to attend Napro for the next 16 months or so (Feb 2013-Aug 2014) and tests showed that I had low progesterone, mild PCOS and mild endometrisiois, for which I took buckets loads of medication and had laparoscopic surgery. I finally got pregnant in August 2014 but this pregnancy also ended in miscarriage. I was heartbroken and now at age 39, starting to get very worried. Around this time, we also attended an IVF clinic to discuss our options but I walked away from there feeling unconvinced that a resulting pregnancy was any more likely to survive through IVF.

I had often looked at Siobhán's website but had opted for the mainstream medical route up to now. In November 2014, I gave her a call and felt it was worth a shot before making a decision on IVF. We met her in December and started taking the herbs and supplements immediately. My cycle had changed a lot in the preceding 2 -3 years ( shortening cycles, anything from 23-27 days; early ovulation; inconsistent very heavy bleeding for first three days of my period followed by up to 7 days of light brown bleeding. Siobhán immediately deduced that I had blood stagnation and treated me for that with the herbs as well as making some dietary recommendations. 

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That was December and I had my first period later that month - it was the healthiest and most normal I'd had in years. We were given the green light by Siobhán to go ahead and try to conceive after that first cycle and conceive we did straight away the following cycle! 

So here we are, feeling so grateful to Siobhán because I believe fully that I would not be in this situation without her. 
She's a pleasure to deal with and has such a broad knowledge of fertility issues, having worked as a midwife in maternity hospitals and in IVF clinics. I can't recommend her highly enough and I'd advise anyone who is having problems to try Siobhan first before pursuing other options. I wish I had. 

A healthy pregnancy after three miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. After struggling through this for 2.5 years, Siobhán's treatment sorted us out very quickly. Herbs, acupuncture and some minor dietary adjustments and we have a beautiful 5 week old daughter now!

This is an anonymous post by a client on What's Clinic on 2 December 2015