DNA Fragmentation Lowered Considerably

How Siobhán's Work Helped Our Fertility Treatment

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In 2008 we had 2 miscarriages. In 2009 we got pregnant and had our beautiful girl in 2010. We had another 3 miscarriages between 2010 and 2012.

We were attending a fertility clinic and they recommended we go for egg donation.

Richards Story:

After many blood and semen tests the results for my DNA Fragmentation and Morphology were as follows:

DNA - March 2014 = 63.7%

August 2014 = 30.2%

February 2015 = 10.6%

Morphology - March 2014 = 99%

August 2014 = 95%

When the results came back in March 2014 and my DNA was 63.7% the clinic sent me off for 3 months to get fit, lose weight and get healthy. I am now running and I am on the GI diet which has helped with my weight and energy levels. A friend of my wives mentioned going to Siobhan Kehoe in Enniscorthy so I made an appointment in the end of March and thanks to Siobhan’s herbs and acupuncture my DNA is now at 10% and morphology is also going in the right direction. The Morphology has come down by a staggering amount. I am also taking 10 Green Barley capsules per day, Spirulina 10 capsules per day, Lipoic Acid 300mg and pycnogenol 200mg per day. Siobhan had also recommended some dietary changes which I am sticking to. My energy levels have increased and we feel much healthier since going on the herbs and getting the acupuncture.

Margaret’s story:

I am also attended Siobhan for acupuncture and herbs since April 2014. My periods were irregular, clotty and old blood. They are now blood red and more regular with very little heavy clotting.

Siobhan had her work cut out for her trying to get us both on track.

We attended the egg donation clinic in Prague on 8th December 2014, we did a pregnancy test on 22nd December 2014 and it was negative. We wanted to get Christmas over put it to the back of our minds and in the New Year decide what we were going to do next. Siobhan suggested trying to lower the DNA fragmentation, as it was still high at 30.2%.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make. I had to consider my age, what we had been both through mentally, physically and financially. We also had to consider the fact that we both put so much into trying to get pregnant. Diet, exercise, time and money were some of the things we had to consider but also Siobhan getting our bodies to the level we were at to give ourselves the best possible chance to conceive and hold onto our baby.

We decided to give it a go again in April of 2015. We both went back to Siobhan for acupuncture, herbs and more Green Barley etc. Siobhan was a woman on a mission to get us both back on track. My husband’s DNA had now lowered to 10.6%, which was a much better advantage.

We attended the clinic again in April 2015 and the test after 4 weeks was positive! We were so excited. But within a week of the test I started to bleed heavily and was on bed rest for 2 months and on very light duties for the remainder of the pregnancy. During this time I also attended Siobhan for acupuncture to de-stress and to help with blood flow to my womb. Her training as a midwife also helped us through this extremely difficult time. Our baby girl was born in December; she is healthy and so beautiful.

To say I would tell anyone with any type of fertility problems to go to Siobhan Kehoe would be an understatement. Our big regret is not going to her sooner, because without Siobhan we would not be here looking at our second precious daughter. I just want to say thank you Siobhan from the bottom of our hearts; you will always be a part of our family, on helping us to complete it.

Margret and Richard, Dec 2016