Thankful for the Miracle Worker that is Siobhán

"We have undergone two scans and everything is looking good"

· Failed IVF,Acupuncture

I am now writing to let other non believer's like myself to wake up and "hug a tree".  We are currently 16 weeks on that all life changing and alerting journey of pregnancy. We have undergone two scans and everything is looking good all thanks to the Miracle worker that is Siobhan Kehoe.

My reference to tree hugging is what I thought anyone that believed in herbs and Chinese medicine was into. I was a total non believer having always embraced medical treatment over herbs and acupuncture. We have under gone one very successful IVF but since 5 failed IVF's. On medical advice we traveled to Prague to under go IVF because of their advances in this area. However we received the explanation that no couple want to hear "it must be just a case of unexplained infertility". This was the end of the line in relation to IVF.

Needless to say I was not the one in the relationship that said let's try herbs and Chinese medicine. So when I arrived in Enniscorthy and asked to stick out my tongue. I started to laugh inside to myself saying where the hell are we now. Then Siobhan was able to describe me to a T, this shocked me and made me sit up and listen. Siobhán is very knowledgeable in what she does and is very straight talking. I was totally taken aback when I heard Siobhán describe my personality and health.

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When we left with 2 bags of herbs and Spirulina if I be totally honest, it was going to be a long shot. The first night I drank the herbs, it was without doubt the worst thing l ever tasted. But it was a belief in Siobhán's knowledge that made me drink it again the next night and the next night. But the taste didn't improve.

I can't describe our delight that after just 2 months it had worked naturally without any medical assistance. I ran outside and hugged a tree!.. It is hard to believe that herbs can work where the best of medical advice both here and foreign failed. However Siobhán is grounded enough to know that herbs and Chinese medicine works. This is something I thought I would never every believe in but I do. It is simple, it works and in our case very quickly.

In addition to the fertility it has also lowered my cholesterol from 6.2 to 5.1. The clinic itself was very professional, but it is Siobhán that is the magical ingredients. It was a friend that mentioned the clinic and it was probably a case of why not at this stage. I can't recommend the experience highly enough."

This is an anonymous post by a client for Siobhán on What's Clinic on 12 April 2016.