Morphology (shape of sperm) Less Than 1% normal. Pregnant in 6 weeks.

If it had not been for Siobhan we would be planning ICSI this year

· Male-Infertility,Failed IVF,Acupuncture

After trying to conceive for two and a half years with no success, my partner had a semen analysis done. His morphology came back at 1%. We decided to have a consultation with a fertility clinic in Dublin. We were told our only hope of conceiving would be ICSI. I really did not want to go down that road. However if it was our only option we felt we might have to.

One day online I came across Siobhan’s page. I read the testimonials and was amazed by the stories. We decided to make an appointment to see Siobhan. She put us on Herbs, Spirulina and Green Barley capsules. She also put my partner on other vitamins. We had to cut out sugar, white bread, alcohol etc. out of our diets. We also had some acupuncture too. We were not expecting anything to happen straight away so we just carried on with healthy eating and taking the herbs and vitamins.

Six weeks after we started with Siobhan, I took a pregnancy test and to my absolute delight it was positive. We just couldn’t believe it. I rang Siobhan who changed my herbs and seen me on a weekly basis for a while.

Our baby boy is due in three weeks and we are so excited. If it had not been for Siobhan we would be planning ICSI this year. We are so eternally grateful to her. She was always on the other end off the phone if I had any questions about the pregnancy or the herbs and vitamins. We are so happy we found out about Siobhan. She is truly amazing.

Update Jan’15: Our very healthy baby boy was born.

Suzanne and Pat, Wexford