A Man’s Experience of Fertility

"Words can't express our thanks to Siobhan."

· Male-Infertility

Hello. My name is James. Read my story on a man’s experience with Chinese medicine

& first went to Siobhan about 10 months ago, after trying to conceive for 6months beforehand. I know that that is not a very long time compared to others, but to us it felt like it. We knew of a few couples who had gone to Siobhan after having troubles conceiving and told us great things about her, so we said we’d give it a try.

The first time we went to see Siobhan, we were both very nervous. What if someone we knew saw us – we didn’t want anyone to know we were trying, thus avoiding all the awkward questions! Would it work? After a few minutes of talking to Siobhan, we were both at ease. She had used the first couple of minutes looking at us & forming an opinion of what needed “balancing”. By just looking at my eyes & tongue, and without much verbal information, Siobhan was able to tell me that I can be particular in the way I want things done and generally only the way I like it done – SPOT ON! She went on to say that was a “hot individual”. I took this as a great compliment but it wasn’t how she meant it!! In general, I would not feel the cold too much & would wake up sweaty during the night, at any time of year. She explained that sperm needed to be cooler than they were with me so I needed to cool down. In her words I was “Stuck & Dry” (Liver Qi Stagnation & Yin Deficency). Siobhan gave me a loan of a book that explained what “Stuck & Dry” meant and what we should do to get me to where I needed to be. It took a couple of reads to get my head around, but I got there.

Siobhan told us that it would take 3-4 months for the treatment to take full effect

The first part of the treatment was acupuncture. This involved 6-8 needles placed strategically around my body. The next and most wonderful part was “The Drink”. This was made by boiling herbs that Siobhan supplies and drinking it over the space of a week. It took a while to get used to the taste & aroma, and some will say you never get used to it, but it certainly does work. I also had to change my diet. I thought my diet was pretty good, but obviously not good enough! Even though I like vegetables, I have never eaten so many green ones in all my life. I also started eating nuts and in general just started to think about what I was eating.

As the weeks passed by, I noticed that I was sleeping better. My body temperature had dropped and I wasn’t waking up sweaty during the night. I was also sleeping up to the alarm clock – never used to happen before! My eyes were not as red/bloodshot as they were previously either. In general I felt better, more energetic.

After what felt like an eternity, I got the great news that my wife was pregnant! Happy Days!! And it was 3 ½ months since we first met Siobhan. Spot on with her time frame.

Anyone sceptical about using Siobhan’s services, or not “enjoying” the treatments, should take note of my experience and the many other stories in the folder, and persevere. It’ll all be worth it in the end.

Words can’t express the thanks we have for Siobhan and all she has done for us. We owe her a great deal.