Chinese Medicine and Male Infertility

"Siobhan made our dream come true."

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A Man’s Perspective on Male Infertility. Read how Chinese Medicine helped me.

My partner and I were trying for a baby for almost two years.  We were starting to get very worried that it wasn’t going to happen.  My partner went for numerous tests and all came back normal and everything seemed to be fine – we couldn’t understand what was wrong.  My partner had been seeing Siobhan for about one and a half years at that time.

I was slower to go to Siobhan.  My semen analysis did not indicate any issues (we later learned from Siobhan that the important details, like morphology and the mar (antibody test), were not even tested for!).  The first time Siobhan saw me she told me I had too much heat in my body and was stuck which may cause my sperm to clump. She prescribed Chinese herbs, spirulina and barley grass and told me to stay away from heat producing food such as ginger, chillies and garlic to mention a few.  I was also told to use ice packs every day to cool down my testicles.  I did everything that Siobhan requested of me.  My partner had been seeing Siobhan before me so she had already put in the hard work of dietary change and a mixture of herbs and acupuncture.

Within 4 weeks of me seeing Siobhan and following her instructions we were thrilled to find out we were expecting. We never expected it to work so quickly! Siobhan was so delighted for us and has been a constant source of reassurance during our pregnancy. We have three months left to go and recently found out we are having a little girl.

My partner is still getting acupuncture from Siobhan during the pregnancy and all is going well.

Siobhan’s service is not invasive in any way. She looked at my tongue and was able to tell me what the best treatment would be for me. I couldn’t believe how easy the whole process was and, being a man, I had put it off for quite a while.

I couldn’t recommend Siobhan highly enough she made our dream come true and countless others’ I have no doubt of. Siobhan is the most competent person I have ever dealt with and tells you straight what you have to do. Siobhan is very easy to deal with, down to earth straight to the point and very approachable.


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