After 5 years of trying to have a baby

We now have our beautiful baby boy

· LowAMH-HighFSH,Failed IVF,Endometriosis,Miscarriages

Before wrting our story, we would like to share that we are holding our precious DS in our arms after 5 years of trying.

My wife conceived a year after we got married, this pregnancy ended in a miscarriage after 3 months.  After that our lives became a roller coaster as we tried to have a baby for another year and nothing worked out.

We then contacted one of the leading fertility clinics and they suggested having a few scans done.  My wife was diagnosed with endometriosis but the clinic was not sure if that was causing the infertility.  My wife underwent laproscopic surgery to remove the endometriosis and the doctor said we can continue to try for another year and if it doesn't work to try IUI IVF options.

We tried for 6 months and lost hope in natural conception.  So we tried two rounds of IUI and two rounds of IVF.  Nothing worked out, time and money was running out for us as well.  We lost hope completely at this time.

I searched online and heard of Siobhán's chinese treatement.  We booked immediatley and without hesitation and it was a turning point in our lives.  Siobhán not only gave us some magical herbs, she was so warm and her way of treating patient's is phenomenal.   She started to give us back our confidence!

Even though we had a little bit of doubt, we took those herbs consistently for 7 months and then my wife fell pregnant naturally.  We still couldn't believe it happened and now we are holding our precious son in our hands.  Thanks so much to Siobhán.

If any of you are having any sorts of fertility issues, just close you eyes and consult Siobhán and things will work out eventually.

Siva and Sakathi, Dublin

November 2021