Age 39 Trying to Conceive

"Thankful to Siobhan for all her help throughout."

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At the age of 39 I had started to give up on the idea of ever having a baby. After trying for sometime without success a friend of mine recommended Siobhan to me. I had previously used Acupuncture in the past for back pain to regulate my menstrual cycles and PMT. I felt I needed something more than Acupuncture to help me, so decided to try raw Chinese Herbs.


After taking a complete history from me, Siobhan advised on some dietary changes and prescribed herbs. I had been suffering with a bad cough and recurrent chest infections, I took some herbs for this which helped immediately. After this I was on some different herbs, some of which I had to take around the time of my period as they had become lighter. More herbs were to be taken during the month. After two months of being on the herbs I noticed that there was a huge increase in the amount of cervical mucus each month. During this time I also had less problems with headaches and sinus.


I am now 32 weeks pregnant, I have used Acupuncture during the pregnancy. I have found it very useful for back pain and hip pain during pregnancy. I would highly recommend Siobhan, Acupuncture & Chinese herbs for anyone trying to conceive and also during pregnancy. I look forward to attending Siobhan in the coming weeks for pre birth treatment to help with the birth. I would like to thank Siobhan for all her help throughout.

Healthy 9lb 5oz baby boy was born in June 2011

Geraldine, Kilkenny