Heavy period and a miscarriage

By changing my diet, getting acupuncture and taking herbs, there is a huge improvement in my monthly cycle

· Miscarriages,Irregular Periods,Acupuncture

My name is Elizabeth and I am 38 years old. It was recommended to see Siobhán Kehoe by a friend of mine who is seeing Siobhán and who is trying to conceive. I had a miscarriage last November.

I have suffered with thrush for the past 10 years and despite taking antibiotics to try clear it up, it always came back. My energy levels are always low and I feel tired most of the time despite doing regular exercise. I always have a white coating on my tongue, my periods are regular though short ( 2 days) but the blood is always dark brown with clots. I first started seeing Siobhán about a month ago.

Siobhán asked about my diet habits, menstrual cycles, circulation, looked at my tongue and took my pulse. I explained to her that I had a miscarriage last November and she asked me was it a ''miss miscarriage''? I told her it was and she told me she thought that my body wasn't absorbing enough nutrients, my blood flow was poor and therefore implantation was difficult. She diagnosed me with Spleen Qi with Dampness and Liver Qi Stagnation (I hadn't a clue what that was!)

She recommended a complete change in diet eliminating white floury products basically all products with yeast in it, all sugary products, fizzy drinks etc, dairy products were out and supplied with raw herbs to be brewed up as tea and taken daily. She also gave me nutrient capsules and carried out acupuncture on me, I have had 2 sessions so far.

After the month I had no PMT (I normally get very moody 3-4 days before my period) My energy levels are up, the coating on my tongue has lessened and my last period was bright red with no clots to my amazement! The changes I have undertaken has also gotten rid of my constant sugar cravings and I definitely feel a lot calmer. I no longer feel irritable and do not fly off the handle as quick as I used to.

The improvement and change in my health and my monthly cycles, I believe is down to Siobhán's herbs and supplements and practice in TCM. I am looking forward to the forthcoming months with Siobhán and have every belief that I will conceive under her guidance.

Many thanks Siobhán.

Elizabeth, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. July 2011