PCOS, Night Sweats and Failed IUI

I went for a scan and was told that I was six and half weeks pregnant

· PCOS,Failed IVF

When I was 27 I decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill and thought I would probably get pregnant straight away. However that didn’t happen and six months later when I hadn’t got a period I decided it was time to go the doctor. The doctor told me to be patient as it can take the body a while to regulate after coming off the contraceptive pill but ten months or so later and still no period due to PCOS, so then my doctor decided to send me for a laparoscopy and dye. All was clear except for a few cysts on my ovaries. The doctor decided to put me on Clomid which I did for a few months but the Clomid just made me feel awful and it didn’t work so after that the doctor decided to do ovarian drilling which he hoped would kick start my periods. Thankfully my periods did start after the drilling but they were very irregular so the doctor decided I should try another course of Clomid which I did but again it didn’t work.

A work colleague mentioned to me one day about Siobhan Kehoe midwife and acupuncturist and I decided to give Siobhan’s fertility treatment a go. I found it very reassuring that Siobhan was also a registered midwife. At my first meeting with Siobhan she asked me did I get night sweats and I told her I did. She explained to me that this was because of a hormonal imbalance. I had never even considered that the night sweats were related to my fertility problems. I started attending Siobhan and also started taking Chinese herbs prescribed by Siobhan and immediately my night sweats stopped for the first time in years.

I continued attending with Siobhan for some time and even though I felt much better I still wasn’t pregnant so I decided to take a break from the treatment and try an IUI.  I had the IUI in May 2010 and despite the fact that I had four follicles and my husband’s sperm count was higher than average the IUI did not work.  I felt devastated and decided it was time to take a break from “baby making”.  However my break from “baby making” didn’t last long.  After a couple of weeks I decided to go back to Siobhan for treatment and herbs and this time I decided that this was definitely going to work for me so I increased my visits and took the herbs religiously.

During the October Bank holiday weekend I felt very queasy but didn’t even think that I could be pregnant so I made an appointment with the doctor the following Wednesday as I still wasn’t feeling great. Before I went to the doctor I decided I better do a pregnancy test as I knew he would ask me straight away if I had done one. I did the test and low and behold two pink lines appeared. I was in shock. I have done numerous pregnancy tests over the past four years and all were negative so I thought this test was wrong. I rang my husband to tell him and he like me didn’t believe it. He told me not to get my hopes up and to go get the doctor do another test which I did that evening and the doctor confirmed yes I was pregnant. I went for a scan the following day and was told that I was six and half weeks pregnant and my little baby had a heart beat.

I now have a beautiful very lively 20 month old little boy and he is the light of our lives. I would like to thank Siobhan for her help, knowledge and positive attitude which she has given me. Go on give it a go and you will see and feel the difference combined acupuncture and Chinese herbs can make.

Thanks Siobhan

Jean Murphy