Only 30, Trying for 3 Years, Mild Endometriosis

Siobhan was a great source of information and advice.

Our very healthy baby was born at term.

· Endometriosis,Failed IVF

Myself and my husband had been trying to conceive for almost 3 years without any success. My menstrual cycle was normal, 28 days and I was ovulating with no problem. After many blood tests and scans the doctor put me on Clomid for 6 months. Finally, in May 2010, after I had a Laparoscopy, I was diagnosed with mild Endometriosis. My doctor sent me to a fertility clinic in order to start the IVF treatment since that was the only solution left for us.

Somebody I knew told me that she had fertility problems and that she went for acupuncture with Siobhan and that she had two healthy boys after.

I was a little skeptical at first when I made the appointment but very interested as I wanted to find a natural solution to conceive as I was only 30 and we didn’t want to start with IVF because of my early age and as well start getting involved with big bills with no guarantee of having any children.

Siobhan diagnose me with my condition straight away on my first consultation back in September 2010. She advise me how to improve my lifestyle through my diet and nutrition intake, and how to reduce my stress levels. It wasn’t only the acupuncture that she recommended; she gave me dry natural herbs to take every day.

I went for a second appointment 15 days after I after the treatment I left the practice feeling wonderful, relax and much happier with myself.

My period due date was the 7th of October and 3 days later there weren’t any symptoms , so we took a pregnancy test and to our surprise it was positive! Our healthy baby boy was born at full term.

I would definitely recommend to any woman to visit Siobhan for any health related problems and especially if you have fertility problems. Siobhan was a great source of information and advice.

Our very healthy baby was born at term. My husband and I are overjoyed and cannot thank Siobhan enough for helping us.

Laura Burke


Co. Wexford