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Baby in Breech Position

"After day 5 I felt that the baby had shifted position which was happily confirmed by our doctor."

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At 34 weeks gestation and our baby was in the breech position, we were anxious that our baby be in the correct location for early induced delivery as had been the scenario with our first child. I had heard some talk in work about a herb that you burned at your little toes of all places that turned breech babies, to say my eyebrows were raised is to put it mildly. I contacted Siobhan Kehoe who had come highly recommended to me.

Siobhan explained that the herb Moxa had an impressive 90% success rate and that indeed you did burn the cigar shaped herb at the lower outer corner of your little toe nails for 10 minutes each side for 5 days and to stop if I felt the baby had shifted position.

On that first night my husband and I burned the herb as instructed but felt now additional movements as we had been told to expect, we did however get a few funny looks from my mother in law who was wondering what the funny smell in our sitting room was. We continued the nightly ritual now feeling increased movements whilst burning the Moxa. After day 5 I felt that the baby had shifted position which was happily confirmed by our doctor. Needless to say my eyebrows are no longer raised and we have the Moxa on standby if the need should arrive again.

Thanks again Siobhan.

Marie Kinsella

Siobhan Kehoe Fertility Treatment Centre
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