Success (within two months) after Six Miscarriages and Two Failed IVFs

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Siobhán had been recommended to my husband and me by a friend. I'm a Nurse and (prior to this experience) would always have tried western medicine first.

My husband and I were trying to conceive for the past five years, when we first attended an appointment with Siobhán. At this point we had gone through two ICSI cycles. My husband had a very low sperm count and very poor morphology. The max sperm count my husband had was generally 1 million; according to The World Health Organisation the minimum sperm count should be 40 million.

I became pregnant but miscarried at about 7-8 wks each time. After this we had numerous investigations both in Ireland and abroad with no definitive answers, as to what may have caused the miscarriages. I went on a number of drug programmes, as recommended, to try and increase our chances of conceiving naturally. We found we were successful and became pregnant naturally which in itself was a miracle for us. Three years after our first ICSI cycle we had had six miscarriages (two following ICSI and four natural pregnancies). Each time I miscarried earlier and it seemed we would never have children of our own. It became a way of life for us and we couldn't imagine a pregnancy ending in any other way other than miscarriage.

Having exhausted all avenues of western medicine, we felt we had nothing to lose by seeing Siobhán. Having read some of the testimonials, I felt the treatment she was offering was for couples who were unable to conceive and didn't know why it would help in our situation. She was very positive about our chances of having a healthy pregnancy. We were started on Chinese herbs and told to allow for at least five months before seeing any improvement (semen analysis results). In addition to taking the herbs we started on a strict diet as recommended by a nutritionist Siobhán put us in contact with. The herbs were difficult to take but we both got used to them and having been on so many drugs over the past few years it felt good to be taking something natural for a change

After just eight weeks on the herbs I was pregnant. 

At first we didn't get overly excited, given our history. I enjoyed a healthy pregnancy and our beautiful baby girl was born at term less some days. We still can't believe it.

Siobhán has truly changed our lives. If we knew then what we know now, Chinese medicine would have been something we tried much earlier. It's natural and much less expensive than most fertility treatments.

Siobhán is passionate about what she does and is a true professional. If you have a history similar to ours, you have nothing to lose by seeing Siobhán and we both can't recommend her enough

Tanya, Dublin, Jan 2016