Blocked Fallopian Tube and Fibroids, told IVF Was Only Option, Pregnant After Five Months on Herbs

Siobhán is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping couples with fertility problems and I know we will be forever grateful to her.

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We started trying for a baby in March 2014 and by October 2014 nothing was happening. As I was 37 I was referred to a gynaecologist who put me on Clomid. After six months and no success he did a Lap and Dye on me and said I had a blocked fallopian tube and two fibroids. My periods had always been dark and heavy with clots and not once had any doctor or gynaecologist asked me about this. My gynaecologist and G.P. told me I had no other option other than go for IVF that summer.


I told my gynaecologist I had heard great stories about Siobhan Kehoe in Enniscorthy and Chinese medicine and I was going to give the Chinese herbs a go first. I was fortunate enough to know of two other girls who tried the herbs it had worked for them so I knew it was worth a shot.

My husband and I made an appointment with Siobhan in May 2015 and I began drinking the herbs. We both cut out wheat and dairy from our diet. I stuck rigidly to the diet and took the herbs Siobhán recommended for five months. I also had acupuncture once a fortnight.

After five months I was beginning to doubt that this would work and I told Siobhan I was considering going for IVF as I was 38. I had got a negative pregnancy test that morning before I met Siobhan and felt a bit down. She told me I was so close she knew by looking at my tongue. She asked me to please hold tough and the herbs would work. I knew my period had changed over the five months and it was no longer dark and clotted but bright and red. I went away that day, not knowing what to do.

The following Tuesday I still had no period and my husband told me do another pregnancy test. We both were in complete shock when it came up positive. We could not believe our eyes and were overcome with excitement. I am now 36 weeks pregnant and have stayed with Siobhan the whole way through the pregnancy. I am still drinking the herbs and I feel great. I have no swelling, pains or aches or blood pressure problems and my iron levels stayed high. My gynaecologist was delighted when I rang him and told him that the Chinese medicine had worked.

I can’t recommend Siobhan Kehoe enough. If you are considering IVF, please try the herbs, acupuncture and whatever Siobhan recommends you to do first. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping couples with fertility problems and I know we will be forever grateful to Siobhan.

Carol, 38


Co. Waterford

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