Secondary Infertility and Two Early Miscarriages

Siobhan’s knowledge and support was invaluable to us

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Pregnant after five months of treatment

In April 2014 we gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and the pregnancy itself went very smoothly. We were excited to be pregnant again in February 2015. We had a 12 week scan the day before our baby boy's first birthday and were devastated to discover that there was no heart beat and the baby measured very small. We had had a miscarriage. The baby didn’t make it past 6-7 weeks. We were heartbroken.

In June 2015 we discovered we were once again pregnant. We remained positive and hopeful that all would be well. We felt reassured to be linked into the early pregnancy unit and went for a scan at 8 weeks. They did not find a heartbeat that day at the scan but it was thought dates could be a little different and it was so early that we were brought back two weeks later for a scan. However I had bleeding before then and we had a second miscarriage. It was devastating once more. Again the baby didn’t make it past 6-7 weeks. We had each other and our little boy who was full of fun and none the wiser to all that had happened. Despite good family support this was a very lonely time for us.
We wanted to know why this was happening and there was no explanation, no reason and the hospital would not investigate further until there were 3 miscarriages. I went to my GP and she mentioned about Siobhan who was actually upstairs in the doctor’s surgery we attend so I made an appointment right away. I wanted to make sure I did not have another miscarriage.

On first meeting Siobhan I found it hard to take so much information in. Although grieving, I felt so much hope from all she said. She did acupuncture, advised re diet, and gave supplements and Chinese herbs. She also lent me a book and a mediation cd. I studied the book and gave the new regime 100%. I returned for next appointment with my husband and then we received further treatment and advice and focused on the new regime 100% together for a few months. We both felt the regime of huge benefit to our overall health and well-being and all we were doing made so much sense.


Within 5 months we were pregnant once again. Although nervous for our scan in the EPU we were confident that we had given it our all. I also had attended a one on one mediation workshop. I was implementing skills obtained into my daily life to reduce stress. This time there was a strong heart beat and it was music to our ears. We had another scan at 12 weeks and all was well. Measurements were good. We were delighted. The scan at 22 weeks was fantastic and we were emotional with tears of joy and relief.

I still attend Siobhan during the pregnancy, in the first few weeks for treatment to prevent miscarriage and then for several months as I suffered from all day pregnancy sickness and other pregnancy related concerns. Siobhan’s knowledge and support was invaluable to us. I read many books from her library. We felt confident and got good advice re dates for due date as my cycle was longer than 28 days. This was important to us as I was determined to avoid induction and unnecessary intervention like I had on our little boy as I now know may have been due to inaccurate dates.

We both recently attended a Gentle Birthing course and feel we found it most beneficial and enjoyable. We are positive and looking forward now to the birth of our second child with 8 weeks until our little bundle of joy arrives.

Camilla and Robert, Ferns, Wexford