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Chronic Cystitis Syndrome

"I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough."

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My problem started in August 2011, when I picked up a bladder infection. I attended my doctor and was put on a course of antibiotics. After 3 days there was no improvement so the doctor changed my antibiotics, this went on for 2 weeks changing my antibiotics and still no change. I was admitted to hospital on 3 occasions over the next 2 months and I spent a total of a month in hospital. At the end of November I was told that I had a chronic cystitis syndrome / interstitial cystitis by a urology consultant who put me on a heavy course of antibiotics for 6 months, which were changed again after 2 weeks as there was no improvement.

I went to another consultant urologist in Dublin for a second opinion and was told the same and was put on a different course of antibiotics as he said the antibiotics I was on were a sledge hammer of an antibiotic. At this stage I was out of work for 4 months on sick leave and I still was not feeling any better, I had the sensation that I needed to pass urine the whole time which was driving me mad, I had a thumping pain down in my groin and stomach. I wasn’t able to sleep or eat and I lost 20lbs. A friend recommended acupuncture to me so at this stage being on antibiotics for 6 months and with the prospect of having to continue on antibiotics for another 3 months and be on long term medication. I decided to give at a go.

Siobhan treated me with acupuncture and Chinese Herbs and put me on a dairy, wheat and sugar free diet on the 10th February 2012. After the first session of acupuncture I felt a bit better. Siobhan advised me gradually to reduce the tablets over a two week period depending on symptoms which I was reluctant to do. One week later at my appointment with Siobhan I decided that I would give it a go for a month and if I wasn’t any better then I would go back on the tablets. After two weeks I had stopped the medication and was just taking Herbs. As Siobhan is a qualified nurse she was able to keep a check on my urine for any signs of infection, which there never was.

I have been attending Siobhan on a weekly basis for 3 months now for acupuncture and herbs and I now have no urinary frequency or pain and I am starting to reintroduce the foods I had given up back into my diet. I honestly didn’t have any faith in acupuncture of herbs before attending Siobhan but I was desperate for anything to work and I can honestly say they are what cured me.

I would like to thank Siobhan for all her advice and it helped. I cannot recommend Siobhan highly enough.

Tina, Co. Wexford.

Siobhan Kehoe Fertility Treatment Centre
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