Turning a Breech Baby

"Turning a breech baby with one simple remedy."

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Turning a breech baby with one simple remedy.

On entering the final trimester of my third pregnancy, I discovered that my baby was in breech position. I was reassured that he had plenty of time to turn around and wasn’t overly concerned. However by the time I reached 34 weeks he had remained in that position and I was informed by my obstetrician that if he hadn’t turned by my next appointment, we would have to schedule a caesarean section. Having 2 other children, a self-employed husband and a working mother, this wasn’t a feasible option for me.

As a practice nurse in the medical centre where Siobhán is based, I had been hearing about her skills and achievements for a long time, so I asked her about the possibility of using acupuncture as a means of turning my baby. She immediately suggested Moxa and explained about its mode of use and success rate. Although it sounded somewhat unusual to me, I was willing to try it, especially as it would cause no harm to the baby. My husband was decidedly more reluctant, mainly as he had to hold it in place that evening, seeing as I couldn’t reach down anywhere near my little toes ! it was quite strong smelling so I would recommend using it in a garden shed, or at least away from the main house somewhere. A friend of mine burned it in her mother’s tomato tunnel.

Siobhán had explained that it could take up to 10 days for the Moxa to work, but the very next morning I could feel the baby had moved. The hard head under my ribcage was definitely gone and I felt so much more comfortable. Sure enough, I was delighted when my obstetrician confirmed that my little man was in the correct position and ready for a normal delivery.

I have recommended Siobhan to several patients who have been in a similar situation to myself. Not everyone is willing to try it, obviously people can be quite sceptical about these things. However of all the patients who I do know have tried it, I only know of one whom it didn’t succeed.

Practice Nurse, Slaney Medical Centre, Wexford.

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