Dangerously Low Platelet Count, Rose to 225 After Five Months

Auto-Immune disease destroying my platelets

· Auto-immune

I was diagnosed with a blood platelet condition called ITP back in June 2014. Basically it meant my immune system was destroying my platelets and I had a platelet count of only nine.This was an extremely low platelet count. I was initially put on a huge amount of steroids but as the steroids were withdrawn my platelets would drop again. I had a number of treatments including intravenous infusions and finally a month of chemotherapy.

I decided to attend Siobhan shortly after this. I had a consultation with her and she decided on my treatment plan. I started taking a couple of different herbs and within a few weeks my platelets started to rise. Siobhan was very helpful and easy to talk to and was always on the end of a phone when needed. She explained everything thoroughly. Following my last blood test my platelet count was 225. This means my platelets have multiplied by twenty five!! My health in general has greatly improved, and I feel like I have so much more energy.

I would highly recommend Siobhan as I owe my recovery to her. Thank you, Siobhan for all the help and support.

March 2016