Early Miscarriage

"As a Practice Nurse, I would definitely recommend Siobhan."

· Miscarriages

I started attending Siobhan 4 years ago, I had one early miscarriage 6 months previous, and on the day of my first appointment I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. Siobhan took a full history from me which included length and colour of my period, which was 6-7 days long and dark in colour, she gave me some herbs and also recommended a small dose of aspirin. I took the herbs and aspirin until I was 12/40 and then discontinued them as prior to Siobhan’s instructions. I continued acupuncture on a monthly basis and had a healthy baby boy full term by natural delivery.

When my baby was 7 months old we decide to try for another child, over the next few months I had 2 more early miscarriages at 5-6 weeks, I decide to start attending Siobhan again, she gave me herbs which changed the colour of my period to a bright red when previously they were dark and I began to have more egg white discharge at ovulation. 3 months later I fell pregnant but nearly immediately began having lower back pain and cramps, Siobhan was great and gave me an appointment the following day and I started taking raw herbs. I continued the treatment  up to 8-9/40, then cut back on my appointments monthly or earlier if I became symptomatic, which I was, at these times I would develop a dull lower back pain, fatigue and become very teary, Siobhan gave me more herbs and within 24 hours these symptoms would subside.

I had a healthy baby born at term. When my baby was 8 months we decided to try for another baby and took herbs for 2 months in preparation. I then got pregnant straight away. I continued on herbs as recommended by Siobhan during the first trimester. My healthy baby girl was born at term.

I would definitely recommend Siobhan and as a Practise Nurse myself I have recommended her to many of my patients, there is no doubt in my mind that I would not have 3 health babies without her help.

K Doyle, Enniscorthy.