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History of Recurrent Miscarriage

Siobhan is a mind of knowledge and a great support to me. I know I would not have gotten pregnant without her.

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I am 35 years old with a 3 year old daughter. After 12 months of not having any luck getting pregnant and with a history of recurrent miscarriage, my doctor advised me to make an appointment with Siobhan Kehoe saying “I am not sure what she does but she gets great results”.

I had miscarried twice since my first pregnancy. I also suffered every month with thrush before each period. My cycle was a 35 day cycle and my periods were black in colour. I never saw egg white discharge to pin point my ovulation day.

After one visit with Siobhan of acupuncture and two weeks of drinking a dried herb drink, my next period was bright red in colour. I had not seen this in over 3 years. From my visit to Siobhan I changed my diet cutting out all yeast and sugar. It was explained to me how important this was and Siobhan also gave me set herbs to reduce yeast in my system.

On the 14th day of third cycle, after attending Siobhan for 3 or 4 visits, I saw a really good egg white discharge; again I had not noticed this in a very long time. That was the day I conceived. I had a scan and the babies heart beat was visible and the baby measured 11 weeks 6 days. The doctor seemed very happy with everything.

Siobhan was the first person to ever ask me what colour my periods were and if I had an egg white discharge. I saw physical changes in my body due to acupuncture and Chinese herbs and diet.

My beautiful baby girl was born at term and she is an absolute joy. Siobhan is a mind of knowledge and a great support to me. I know I would not have gotten pregnant without her (and my husband of course).

I would recommend Siobhan to anyone and I was so surprised how quick we got results and how well I feel.

Thanks Siobhan you are one in a million.

Margaret Carty, Wexford.

Siobhan Kehoe Fertility Treatment Centre
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