History of Failed IVF/IUI

Conditions Treated: History of Failed IVF/IUI


It is devastating for a couple to have a had a failed IVF/ICSI. Some people feel personally responsible. It is draining on their bodies, their mind and their pocket. Each couple will respond differently, whether it was their first or subsequent attempt. There may be a few reasons the IVF hasn’t worked such as :

  1. Poor sperm or egg quality forming an embryo of poor quality. (This is quite common). 
  2. Thin endometrial lining – women may have had a history of scanty periods (not enough blood). 
  3. Endometrial lining is too thick – women may had a history of heavy clotted periods. Siobhán regularly sees this problems in her clinic and this can cause implantation issues whether IVF/ICSI or natural conception. 
  4. Immunological issues – certain anti-bodies may be increased, causing implantation issues. Blood clotting problems reduce blood flow from the placenta to the foetus. 
  5. Infections

Siobhán’s aim of treatment is finding out why IVF/ICSI failed. Some couples will know following a review meeting at a fertility clinic. The aim of treatment is recognising the individual problems and treating that problem. If a couple cannot get pregnant naturally (eg. blocks fallopian tubes) and wish to have IVF/IUI, Siobhán aims to help build up the couple nutritionally to help ensure better quality embryos/blastocysts. (Herbs are very successful in building up very good egg and sperm quality). Siobhán also works on implantation issues by helping ensure a good quality uterine lining (endometrium) and help the immune system and clearing any sign of infection using herbs.

Siobhán is happy to act as a support for IVF/IUI/ICSI, in getting the body healthy and in balance. Many couples have got pregnant naturally using TCM with Siobhán’s advice and individual prescribed treatment following failed IVF treatment (please read testimonials).