Conditions Treated: Miscarriage


It is traumatic for a couple to experience the loss of a pregnancy at any stage, especially if they were suffering from fertility problems. In western medicine prevention of miscarriage is usually addressed once conception has occurred. In TCM the treatment of miscarriage is primarily pre-conceptual. The aim is to nourish the developing eggs and sperm to help ensure the developing embryo is of good quality. Also by building up a healthy endometrium, clearing night sweats and regulating hormones pre-conceptually. The treatment is aimed at having the body healthy and balance at the time of conception. Herbs and Acupuncture can also be used successfully during pregnancy, if needed to help strengthen the body to hold on to the pregnancy successfully.

TCM commonly treats women with a history of repeated miscarriage. It is important to recognise this problem may take a few months to treats. The aim of treatment is diagnosing the problem and aiming the treatment at that individual problem for example:

  • Thin endometrial lining (scanty blood in period) – to build up a healthy lining with a good flow of blood in period
  • Thick endometrial lining (dark clotty period – this is commonly seen) – aim is clear clots and dark blood and ensure a healthy red period with a normal flow.
  • Hormonal imbalance – regulate the hormones
  • Poor egg/sperm quality – to help ensure better quality eggs/sperm
  • Auto-immune problems – strengthening the immune system

Siobhán’s individual treatment plan of herbs, acupuncture and specific foods (according to individual needs) is very successful in preventing a miscarriage (please see testimonials above).