How Chinese Medicine Helped My IVF

"Siobhan gave me great hope."

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I am 38 years old. Our first child was conceived naturally, immediately after stopping the pill, however the birth did not go to plan and our baby was delivered by emergency section. Following the section I developed an infection and had to remain in hospital for seven days on antibiotics.

After 10 months of trying to conceive our second child, our GP referred us to our gynaecologist. Blood tests revealed I was not ovulating and a course of Clomid was prescribed, when this proved unsuccessful a lap dye was performed which confirmed that one Fallopian tube was completely block and the other was badly damaged.

We first attended and IVF clinic in Dublin in March 2010 and commenced IVF treatment in July, we had two, day two embryos transferred and had four embryos remaining for freezing. Sadly this treatment proved unsuccessful.

I met with Siobhan Kehoe in September, which gave me great hope as she was not only a qualified midwife but also a herbalist and acupuncturist. She immediately advised that it was highly unlikely that she would be able to do anything about the tubule damage and agreed with the doctors that IVF was more than likely our only option. However she was very confident that she could give assistance in preparing my body for the proposed frozen transfer in December by incorperating some Chinese Medicine.

At our first appointment she took detailed notes and put great emphasis on the colour of the blood during my periods. She felt we would have a much better chance of achieving a successful implantation if the blood was bright red. Chinese medicine involved the taking of Chinese Herbs, which I began taking immediately and I attended Siobhan for treatment. The following month there was a noticeable improvement in the colour of the blood and within two months of commencing treatment with Siobhan, the colour had changed from a brownie red to a very bright red.

Unfortunately our frozen transfer was cancelled as none of the frozen embryos survived to the blast stage. I returned to Siobhan and we immediately began focusing on egg quality and preparing my body for a fresh IVF cycle. I took herbs until I commenced the IVF medication and attended for regular acupuncture up to and including my IVF treatment. In March of this year 9 eggs were collected, seven fertilised and one survived to blast stage and was transferred in April.

I attended Siobhan intermittently during my pregnancy and followed her advice. My pregnancy progressed with no problems at all and my very healthy little boy was born at 40 weeks (term) in December 2011. At the age of 40 I did another IVF. This time I took herbs for longer (approximately 6 months). I got 5 blastocysths (of excellent quality). One was transferred and 4 were frozen. I got pregnant and had a very healthy pregnancy.

While attending Siobhan I had read numerous of these testimonials and am relieved, excited and very very grateful to be finally writing my own. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Siobhan to any couple who are experiencing fertility problems and my own biggest regret is that I did not attend her sooner.

November13: My healthy baby was born and we are so delighted.

Breda, New Ross

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