IVF Success after Recurrent Miscarriage

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. We pinch ourselves every day.

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After experiencing recurrent miscarriage through our IVF we decided to look into Siobhan’s treatment. Read our story below.

I was diagnosed when I was in my early twenties with endometriosis, having always suffered from painful, heavy periods. So then after getting married and trying for a baby for some time, my husband and I knew that we would need to go and get help. After investigations in a Dublin clinic, we learned that my fallopian tubes were blocked and our only hope would be through IVF.

The first round of IVF and the first transfer resulted in a successful pregnancy and blessed us with our only child. Our next transfer gave us a positive result; we thought in out naivety that there was nothing to IVF. However this pregnancy was ectopic and was lost at 7 weeks.

To make our story short, over the next 4 years we went on to have another 2 rounds of IVF and 8 transfers. Five of these transfers did not take and we got negative pregnancy tests. However 3 of the transfers gave us much awaited positive results. Sadly these 3 transfer resulted in recurrent miscarriages. Two of them at five and a half weeks and one was a missed miscarriage which we found out about when I had a scan at six and a half weeks and miscarried naturally at ten weeks.

It was at this stage that we were offered test for recurrent miscarriages, all of which came back clear. I had numerous blood tests and a hysteroscopy. Both my husband and I had chromosome tests. No cause could be pinpointed.

It was at this point that I decided to visit Siobhan Kehoe in Enniscorthy. Siobhan put great emphasis on my periods and the fact that they were dark and clotty lasting 6,7 and 8 days. No consultant doctor ever discussed my periods with me. Siobhan suggested that the lining of my womb could not be healthy enough by day 14 of my cycle, to hold and nurture a pregnancy successfully. I decided to follow Siobhan’s advice and began taking herbs and receiving acupuncture. My husband and I decided to wait at least 4 or 5 months before we went back for another transfer and to give the herbs time work and to give ourselves a bit of time.

After 3 months on the herbs and making a few minor changes to my diet such as reducing dairy and red meat, I have to admit I noticed a change in my general health. I felt a bit of vitality and energy returning and the tiredness that I had begun to accept as normal was gone. Also there was a definite change to my periods, they were a bright red color and the volume lost each month was less and they eventually went to a 5 day period.

After 5 months on the herbs we went for our transfer, which resulted in a positive test. In the early weeks of pregnancy and up to 12 weeks, I had a lot of heaviness and dragginess in my tummy and period like feelings and pain on and off. I was terrified that I was going to miscarry again, but I went with Siobhan’s advice and took herbs until week 14 to support the pregnancy. I definitely believe the herbs helped because each time I got the achiness in my tummy I would take a stronger dose of herbs and the symptoms would go. Once I got to 14 weeks I visited Siobhan every 4-6 weeks for acupuncture for the rest of my pregnancy.

I am delighted to write that I gave birth to a healthy baby boy last month. We pinch ourselves each day because we cannot believe we have been blessed with another baby, after all we have been through.

At the onset of treatment with Siobhan I have to admit that we were extremely cautious about the Chinese Medicine element as we had been advised by 2 top consultants in the IVF Clinic not to take herbs. Siobhan is very passionate about her work and to be honest at the onset I thought it all sounded to good to be true. In my case I can honestly say the only thing different I did in preparation for this transfer (from the previous 8 transfers) was that I attended Siobhan and took herbs. Also the blastocyst that was transferred for this transfer was of poorer quality. I do know when we decide to go for our next transfer. I will definitely be visiting Siobhan.

Very Grateful Wexford Parents.