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"Siobhan's examination of individual needs is something we had not found elsewhere."

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I visited Siobhan after 9 months trying to get pregnant following a miscarriage. I had very light periods. We also consulted a fertility clinic for some basic tests and had worked with another alternative practitioner. 

Unlike other practitioners, I felt that Siobhan took my individual needs and situation into consideration.  In particular, she believed that my light periods were a problem, something that I had expressed previously but no one else had addressed.  She also examined my lifestyle and nutrition and made some recommendations which I followed – these involved making changes that went against the general perception of being healthy – e.g. Siobhan recommended that I reduce my exercise and that I eliminate raw and cold foods. 

She also recommended some natural supplements and provided herbs to suit me.  She cautioned that it might take 6 months for me to rebuild my strength and for my periods to be heavy enough to sustain a pregnancy. 

I immediately noticed changes when I implemented Siobhan’s recommendations such as my tummy troubles disappearing.  But most importantly, within 3 weeks of visiting Siobhan I found out I was pregnant. 

Siobhan continued working with me through the early days of my pregnancy, prescribing supplements and herbs to increase my progesterone and also providing emotional support as I was very worried due to my history of miscarriage.  I am delighted to be able to say that I am now 20 weeks pregnant, with a healthy growing bump and all going well. 

I completely credit Siobhan with me being able to sustain this pregnancy and would recommend her (and have recommended her) to anyone struggling to get pregnant or with a history of miscarriage.  Her examination of your individual needs is something that we had sought but not found elsewhere. 

Una, Wicklow.

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