Katarina & Eoin conceive after six failed ICSI cycles

With serious medical issues - low male motility, low sperm count, PCOS, auto-immune issues, failed medicated cycles and IUI -- they conceived naturally with Siobhán's help

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Katarina & Eoin conceive after 6 failed ICSI transfers - update December 2020

After six failed IVF( ICSI) cycles, failed IUI, Medicated cycles, and with serious male and female fertility complications, Katarina and Eoin Aspell attended Siobhan Kehoe (Fertility Expert) for treatment. They conceived naturally after one visit and within six weeks! Katarina is now nineteen weeks pregnant and all is well. Listen here to their inspirational fertility journey to give hope to others.Thanks very much to Katarina and Eoin for sharing their positive fertility journey.Please share to give hope to others.

Update On Katarina and Eoin - December 2020

Our healthy baby boy was born to term. We are so delighted and grateful for Siobhan's help.

Katarina & Eoin

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