High FSH, Told Donor Egg Our Only Hope

"Overjoyed and cannot thank Siobhan enough for helping us realise our dream."

· LowAMH-HighFSH,Donor Egg,Failed IVF

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for 22 months when my doctor discovered I had an elevated FSH level of 29. Following this I was told I had entered into a premature menopause, that IVF was not an option and that my only hope of conceiving was by means of donor egg. I was aged 32 and devastated.

My GP recommended me to attend Siobhan Kehoe.. Siobhan explained that the theory behind my infertility according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and according to Western Medicine. She described how the root of my problem was an imbalance in my spleen and by correcting the imbalance; my fertility problems should in turn correct themselves. I was prescribed a course of plant-based herbs, attended Siobhan every 3 weeks and also was asked to follow a strict diet.

Siobhan advised me to keep a close eye on my menstrual cycle explaining the importance of a regular cycle and the colour and texture of my shedding, the ideal being a bright red substance free of any clots. I had only known a dark brown shed with alot of clotting. In addition the importance of an egg white substance was explained and again the importance of that substance being stretchy and translucent. I had only ever experienced an opaque jelly like substance. Following treatment by Siobhan my bodily fluids changed dramatically and soon met with Siobhan’s description of what they needed to be.

Siobhan advised me to get my FSH repeated. Within 2 months my FSH levels had dropped to 10.2 and the following month I discovered I was pregnant. My GP was very happy and surprised that the FSH lowered (and so quickly) wit Siobhan’s treatment. I attended Siobhan for ante-natal and post-natal treatment. On the 2nd August 2010 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing in at 8lbs 11oz. My husband and I are overjoyed and cannot thank Siobhan enough for helping us realise our dream come true.

Ailson Doyle, Kilmuckridge