Low AMH, Considering IVF

By learning to reconnect with myself and becoming self aware of my body, along with the advice and TCM herbs from Siobhán, we now have a healthy 1 year old baby girl.

· LowAMH-HighFSH,Periods,Failed IVF

My husband and I started trying for a baby shortly after we got married. As the months passed, it became apparent that we were not finding it as easy as we had previously envisaged. I had some tests, and when the results came back and was shocked and disappointed to find out that I had an AMH of 5.4, which, I was informed by the consultant, was very low for my age (32). I was told that IVF may be required in the future.

At this point, I did some research and heard about Siobhán and the intervention she offers. Being half cynical and half hopeful, my husband and I attended an appointment with Siobhan. She examined my tongue and was able to tell me that I likely had scanty periods and little or no egg white cervical mucus, which was surprisingly accurate. She informed me that I was experiencing 'ying deficiency', which resulted in a blockage in my energy and resulted in blood stagnation. She prescribed TCM herbs to brew and drink daily.

Over the next few months, my husband became 'tea brewer extraordinaire' and I compliantly drank the tea, as well as making some changes to my diet and trying to manage stress better. To my surprise, I saw a gradual change in my cycle and noticed egg white for the first time ever.
After about 6 months of making these changes, despite seeing all the positive changes in my body, I still had not received that much yearned for positive pregnancy test. I was beginning to lose hope a little. However, something changed within me that month and I decided to just surrender to the 'powers that be' and stop trying to control outcomes. I got back into doing things I love that I had put on hold, to try to reconnect with the old me, the one that existed prior to getting obsessed about making a baby. A certain amount of stress lifted at that time. Two weeks later, after 15 months of trying, and 7 months after our initial visit to Siobhán, we found out that we were expecting. We were naturally ecstatic, and are now besotted parents to a beautiful, healthy 1 year old baby girl. I am so glad that we didn't rush into IVF, and instead, took a proactive approach to re-balance my body. It has definitely been a very positive experience and we are so grateful to Siobhán and her input in helping us to become the family that we always dreamed of.

- Anna (Dublin)