Low AMH & High FSH

Pregnant naturally after six weeks on herbs.

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After some visits to a specialist and trying a few rounds of fertility meds, my partner and I did a round of IVF in summer 2017. Sadly, this failed as no eggs were collected and the cycle was cancelled. This is almost never heard of with IVF.

My AMH was 0.2 and before the IVF my FSH was 27 but shot up to 52 after the failed cycle. My menstrual cycles were at least 65 days long. Conor had low motility and morphology (shape of sperm). We were told that donor egg was our last and best option. I felt upset, lost and completely shocked.

We heard about Siobhán from a few different people and decided to give it a go. She knew by looking at our tongues what our problems were and what kind of people we were in an instant. I am a natural perfectionist, always trying to please people with so many balls up in the air. Conor is a natural empath, and gives a lot of him to others. Siobhán encouraged us to practice self love as our mental state was as important as our physical. She performed acupuncture and prescribed herbs to us.

We left on a high after months of feeling dark and hopeless. We took our herbs and we both concentrated on worrying less about everyone and just looking after ourselves. It was nice to be able to actively do something to help get pregnant, rather than leaving it in someone else’s hands.

A few days after our initial meeting, I got my first proper period in months. Five weeks later I became pregnant naturally! I never thought I’d see the day Conor and I would be crying on the bathroom floor with a positive test in hand.

Our beautiful daughter Clara arrived safely on 26th Aug 2018. We are very grateful. Siobhán has been a great advice giver and friend to us throughout this journey.

Sarah Guy & Conor Storey, Saggart, Co Dublin.

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Sarah and Conor were one of the couples that took part in the "A Fertile Plan" radio series on South East Radio. You can hear their story and the other four couples here: https://www.fertilitytreatment.ie/south-east-radio