Morning sickness, tiredness and constipation

Siobhán gave me acupuncture to help relieve the morning sickness, constipation and tiredness throughout my pregnancy.

· Morning sickness,Tiredness,Constipation,Acupuncture

I am writing to outline my experience with Siobhán Kehoe acupuncturist and mid-wife. I am currently 12 weeks pregnant and since week 6 I have been suffering from morning sickness. I felt sick all the time and at least once a day was physically vomiting. I was also extremely tired and constipated. Food did not appeal to me, but I would feel worse if I didn't eat.

As I had attended Siobhán on my first pregnancy, I contacted her in my sixth week and have attended for 7 appointments since this time.

Since the first appointment my morning sickness have lessened and now in my 12th week, I am feeling much better, I would attribute this to acupuncture and I will continue to see Siobhán throughout my pregnancy.

Finola W.

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