Ovarian Egg Reserve Increased with Siobhan’s Help

"Siobhan really cares about the women she treats."

· Over40-Years,Acupuncture

At age 41 my AMH (ovarian egg reserve) increased after attending Siobhan, please read my story:

At the age of 38 my AMH (ovarian egg reserve) was 13.5pmol/l in November 2010 when checked in a Dublin IVF Clinic.

At the age of 41 I got my AMH repeated in the same IVF Clinic having attended Siobhan Kehoe and taking her Herbal Medicine. The AMH (ovarian egg reserve)level rose to 18.7pmol/l. I can only put this increased level down to Siobhan’s natural Herbal Medicine, as that is all I was talking at the time. This is unbelievable as I was told that my AMH (ovarian egg reserve) could not rise!

April 2013

I am now 14 weeks pregnant and thankfully all is going well and I am continuing to attend Siobhan ante-natally. I am a Midwife myself and have great faith in Siobhan. I cannot recommend Siobhan enough. She is professional, she listens and she is passionate about her work. Most importantly Siobhan really cares about the women who attend her and genuinely wants them to get pregnant.


Our very beautiful healthy baby girl was born in September 2013 at term.

Sharon, New Ross.