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I was trying to conceive for less than a year, but I knew that there was a problem with my menstrual cycles- I was spotting for 5 days before each period, and then my periods were very short; only lasting 1-2 days. All my blood tests were normal and I had investigations for intermenstrual bleeding previously with a gynecologist which were all normal too. I work as a doctor and I knew I could have a D&C or laparoscopy to investigate further but I choose to attend Siobhan Kehoe after some research into acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

I have been so impressed with Siobhan’s professionalism, knowledge and dedication. To begin with, her lifestyle advice was excellent. So much of western medicine’s focus is on from the moment you have a positive pregnancy test, it is so easy to forget that the months leading up to conception are as important, if not more. On Siobhan’s recommendation I started taking Chinese herbs and she advised me to wait a few months before trying to conceive so that the herbs would have a chance to work. She told me I had a spleen qi deficiency and I went to a nutritionist for advice about dietary changes to help. Shortly after commencing the Chinese herbs I noticed more egg white cervical mucus mid-cycle, and I had less spotting before my period. When I did have my period, the colour of the blood was brighter. Within a few weeks of attending Siobhan I got a positive pregnancy test. I was so surprised, especially after several months of negative tests. I continued to attend Siobhan on a very regular basis as I started spotting and passing clots when I was 6 weeks pregnant. Instead of continuing my usual daily gym routine, Siobhan advised me to rest. I continued taking the Chinese herbs. I had a scan at 9 weeks which showed a fetal heartbeat which was a relief. The spotting had stopped at this stage. In its place nausea had set in by then, making it difficult to eat and get through my working day. Siobhan addressed this through weekly acupuncture, and my nausea subsided substantially. I attended Siobhan again regularly at the end of my pregnancy and I believe that regular acupuncture at the end helped me not to go too far past my due date, which in my case was important as I knew I was having a big baby!

I gave birth to a very healthy baby boy in March 2012. Siobhan was amazing support in the weeks afterwards also, with lots of helpful advice to aid my recovery.

I have been so impressed throughout by Siobhan and how she has managed the problems I experienced during the early weeks of my pregnancy. I feel so lucky to have met her when I did. I feel if I hadn’t I would not have made necessary changes to my lifestyle and without the herbs and acupuncture I fear I may have had a miscarriage in those early days. I know I can’t know this with certainty but I really feel Siobhan has helped me so much.

My experience with Chinese medicine has been a very positive one, and I would highly recommend Siobhan to other women who are having difficulty with trying to conceive.



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