Over Forty, History of Miscarriage

Pregnant after Three Months on Herbs

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After experiencing a miscarriage at 39 years and then conceiving naturally at 40 my husband and I are blessed to have a healthy baby boy, who is now going on three. During that pregnancy I attended Siobhan for hyperemesis (morning sickness) and from there became familiar with Siobhan’s work.

Over one year later and desperate to conceive again and being back with my obstetrician who put me on Clomid a fertility treatment drug; I fell pregnant with twins but again miscarried at 7 weeks. We gave Clomid another go but nothing was happening and the biological clock was ticking.

In the meantime while still on Clomid my husband and I attended Siobhan. Siobhan assessed both of us and by examining our tongues and asking a series of questions and recommended herbal treatment. Siobhan explained - in summary that I suffer from the cold whereas my husband was the opposite. He suffered from the heat (especially feet, groin, and tongue area) because of this his sperm was of a think consistency making it much more difficult to conceive. Both myself and my husband started off well on the herbs but after a few weeks my husband found the herbs too hard to tolerate and I was the only one taking the herbs.

Six months on and desperately trying to conceive my husband, especially, kept thinking back to our first consultation with Siobhan and felt that everything she said made sense so we decided to re-visit Siobhan again. After coming off Clomid, this time around both of us followed Siobhan’s advice to the letter and three months later I discovered I was pregnant.

We definitely feel Siobhan’s advice worked for us and would recommend for couples who are having difficulty conceiving to go see Siobhan and to take her advice seriously. Our first attempt was a half-hearted approach which proved not to work. Siobhan strongly highlighted the importance for both of us taking the herbs, the herbs are very hard to tolerate but second time around when we gave it 100% it was successful.

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At 42 I know the risks involved in getting pregnant, but we were so determined to have a second child we were even considering going down the IVF route but thank God that wasn’t necessary. I am now 23 weeks pregnant, had my early foetal scan at 13 weeks in Dublin and thankfully it came back low risk and everything is looking good.

Super excited about having another baby – all down to Siobhan….

Thanks Siobhan!


Feb 2016

UPDATE MAY’17: Healthy baby boy born at term.