Age 40, trying to get pregnant for 2nd Baby

Lisa was trying for 2nd baby, she got a renewed sense of hope when she met Siobhán

· Over40-Years,PCOS,LowAMH-HighFSH

In May 2018, I decided to come off the Pill to try for our second baby. I had just turned 40 so I decided to get a move on! I had gotten pregnant easily with my first Child, so I didn’t think I had any fertility issues, how wrong was I!

I Started getting hot flushes, my periods had completely stopped. I got my bloods checked with the Doctor at the Hospital, my AMH was 0.4 and my FSH was 112! The Doctor said I have no hope of having another baby, he said that I was in the menopause. The Doctor said my only hope was a Donor egg. I was sitting on the stairs crying my eyes out when the Doctor gave me the news, I then had to break the news to my partner. We were completely in shock and we felt devastated, we didn’t know what to do.

Then I heard of Siobhán Kehoe in October 2018. She didn’t promise me anything and said indeed my FSH was high! She did acupuncture on me and gave me herbs and advised me to change my diet. I wasn’t giving up. After 5 weeks on herbs and following recommendations by Siobhán, my period came back. I was in total shock! I got my bloods rechecked, my FSH had gone from 112 to 11 which was now within a normal range. Siobhán has a copy of my blood results for reference. I still have not given up on baby no.2 with Siobhán’s help.

Lisa, Age 41, Dublin