PCOS, Under-active Thyroid, Overweight and Trying for 3.5 Years, Elaine became pregnant with one month

"I had begun to look at alternative therapies as I found western medicine was no help to me."

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My husband and I had been actively trying for many years. It was so difficult year after year of disappointment. I had begun to look at alternative therapies as I found western medicine was no help to me. I suffered with an under active thyroid, PCOS, insulin resistant, over weight and milder underlying conditions. I was generally told lose weight and that was it.

Siobhán asked me about my overall health, my periods, my lifestyle and checked out my tongue. Siobhán gave me wonderful advice, I could tell straight away how much she knew and how experienced she was. She was telling me things about myself that were spot on and exactly what I had been experiencing. Siobhán then did acupuncture and prescribed me raw herbs and supplements and advised on diet and a nutritionist.

I started to take the herbs straight away and thought I will do the diet when I get back from holidays. I was excited to take my herbs, see the changes in my periods and digestion. I didn’t get a chance to see any of those changes though! Whilst on holidays (4 weeks after treatment) I discovered I was pregnant. We really could not believe it, and genuinely thought that this day wouldn’t come. IVF/IUI etc was a route that we were hoping not to go down emotionally and financially. I wish I went to Siobhán years ago.

I did go on to have a bleed, so jumped in the car to Siobhán for specific herbs and supplements to prevent miscarriage and stop the bleeding. Two scans later and 12 weeks pregnant and everything is looking good. I am continuing my herbs and visiting Siobhán. I just wish more people knew about Siobhán and TCM. We will be forever grateful to Siobhán for everything that she has done for us!


18FEB2017 update: all is well with her recent scan and she is now 36 weeks pregnant.

07MAR2017 update: Elaine gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Elaine Shanahan, Dublin

Dec 2016