Poor Semen Analysis

"My husband's general health also improved. He is less stressed."

· Male-Infertility,Other-Conditions,Stress

My husband and I attended Siobhan’s clinic in 15/4/2011. We had attended the fertility clinic on the 4/4/11 were a semen analysis had been done. The results showed a poor sememn analysis.WIth a low volume (1.5ml), increased Visocity (11) and raised anti sperm antibodies (igig 15% and igia 65%). Also showed as olgiospermatic result.


We were advised by the fertility clinic that the test would have to be completed again in 3 months and that it would be unlikely there would be an improvement. We were also advised that we would that we would only suitable for IVF with ICSI if there was none or little improvement in results.


I found Siobhan through a recommendation on the internet. On our initial consultation with Siobhan we received acupuncture and we were also prescribed herbs and supplements to take. She also advised us of changes to our diet to improve our general health. My husband was also found to be stressed, tension around the neck and shoulders and suffered from night sweats.


On return to the fertility clinic on 4/7/11 another semen analysis was performed, which have showed the results to be within the normal range. I am currently waiting for an HSG in August, but we are no longer on the IVF/ICSI route due to semen analysis. My husband’s general health has also improved as he is less stressed and also is no longer suffering from night sweats.