Secondary Infertility, History of Miscarriage and Aged Over 40

"After two visits I conceived and am now 22 weeks pregnant."

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Seven months ago I read these testimonials and I was almost afraid to hope that I could be in the position to write one. I was very moved by the stories of women like me who were struggling to conceive and I thought that if I was blessed with another pregnancy I would happily share my story with those who are experiencing difficulty conceiving. The positive stories gave me hope and that’s what I want to give to other people because here I am writing at 22 weeks pregnant- I still can’t believe it!

I am aged 41 and am lucky enough to have two young children. We wanted a third child and had conceived relatively quickly on previous pregnancies. I had an early miscarriage in mid 2013 and was still trying by December 2014. I had the standard fertility tests such as day 3 and day 21 bloods and a Hycosy test and all tests reported normal results. My period had always been 5 days but in the months since the miscarriage it had reduced to 3 days.

I went to see Siobhan for the first time in early January 2015. She diagnosed me with Spleen Deficiency with Dampness and prescribed supplements and a course of herbs that I drank twice a day. The herbs were horrible to taste but I was willing to try anything. Siobhan thought the shorter menstrual period was significant. This was good to hear – at least we might have identified an area to improve rather than just be told my test results were fine.

By the time I went to see Siobhan again in February my period had returned to 5 days. I took this as a sign that whatever imbalances were in my body were fixing themselves with the help of the herbs and supplements. After two visits to Siobhan I conceived and am now 22 weeks pregnant. I have had the ‘big’ scan and all looks good.

I should say I was on Clomid when I conceived but I am convinced that the herbs and supplements helped my body become more healthy and ready to be able to support a pregnancy.

In short, I firmly believe that Siobhan’s work put me on the right path to conceive. I can’t believe I am typing this. It still feels like a dream. I still say to myself “I am pregnant” with a smile on my face.

After nearly 18 months of trying to conceive this baby I was starting to try to accept that we would not have another child. Of course I was delighted to already have two children but also wanted a third child very much. But at 41 with a miscarriage behind me and no apparent reason for this ‘secondary infertility’ I thought maybe it just wasn’t meant to me. I’m so happy I made the trip to Enniscorthy and would recommend it to anyone who is having difficulty conceiving.

I look forward to updating my story later this year with news of my baby’s arrival.

Martina aged 41.


I gave birth to a beautiful healthy girl in early December 2015. Everything went very well and the midwives commented on my good iron levels on the day I gave birth (I put this down to the Spirulina Siobhan advised me to take during the pregnancy).nIt is almost a year to the day I first visited Siobhan and here I am writing this. I still can’t believe it.


Thank you, Siobhan for all your help and advice. I will be recommending you to anyone who has any difficulty trying to conceive.