Trying to Get Pregnant for Almost a Year – How Acupuncture and TCM Helped

"I definitely recommend Siobhan for numerous issues including fertility."

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I remember sitting waiting to see Siobhan and reading testimonials like I am now writing. It seems a long time ago now as I write this with my baby girl sleeping on my lap.

My husband and I contacted Siobhan after our GP suggested it as an option. We had been trying for a baby for a while with no success. Although it hadn’t been a year we were both worried and getting stressed that I wasn’t falling pregnant.

On first meeting Siobhan, we were both blown away by what she could tell us about ourselves from just looking at our tongues. We got regular acupuncture and took the herbs. Disgusting but worth it! About 4 months later I was pregnant and delighted. Looking back the best thing Siobhan did for us was to switch our focus from getting a positive pregnancy test to making ourselves as healthy as possible for we do conceive. This meant I was healthier when I conceived and also took the pressure away which I’m now sure was preventing us from conceiving.

While pregnant I continued to attend Siobhan for acupuncture. I experienced bad morning sickness and Siobhan helped with this. It was also great to have the reassurance that Siobhan thought the pregnancy seemed to be going well, especially in the early days before I told family or friends. I ended up in hospital with placenta previa (low lying placenta) as I had a small bleed. My only regret is that I didn’t tell Siobhan that my placenta was low as I think if I had she may have been able to help me and possibly prevent my hospital stay. However; while in hospital I chatted to Siobhan on the phone and she gave me tablets to take to prevent any further bleeding. I had no further bleeding and my daughter was born healthy at 38 weeks by planned Cesarean section.

I would definitely recommend Siobhan to anyone for numerous issues including fertility. The fact that she is qualified in western medicine (midwife) and in Chinese medicine (acupuncture) means that you get the benefits of both.

I wish you all the best.