Using Moxibustion To Turn Breech Baby

"I really appreciate all your help!"

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Read here of how Siobhan recommenced that I use moxibustion to turn my breech baby:

I was told at 32 weeks and again at 34 weeks that my baby was breech.

Having had a normal delivery on my first baby, and living in rural Ireland; the prospect of a c section (complete with anaesthetic, stitches, risk of infection, being unable to drive) scared the life out of me! When moxibustion was suggested I was more than a little sceptical but desperate enough to give it a go, after all what harm could it do?!

I was amazed at how my baby reacted, movement increased immediately. Although I wasn’t great for doing it every night, I was delighted when I was told the baby had turned and was no longer in breach. I would definitely recommend moxibustion as a non-invasive, inexpensive way to avoid the ordeal of a cesarean, if your baby is breech.

Thanks so much Siobhan. I really appreciate you introducing me to moxibustion and for all of your help!