Pregnancy After Recurrent Miscarriages

"Without Siobhan's help, I may not have had a successful pregnancy."

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I heard about Siobhan through a friend of mine who had difficulty getting pregnant. I had made an appointment with Siobhan and found out I was pregnant before it. I decided to go anyway as I had previously had two miscarriages so my difficulty wasn’t getting pregnant but staying pregnant!

I took all the herbs and tablets that Siobhan prescribed and did the acupuncture with her as well. I had a few scares early in my pregnancy but Siobhan helped me through them and I’m now due my baby tomorrow and I know that without Siobhan’s help I may not have had such a successful pregnancy!

Since I have heard about Siobhan I have recommended people to go and see her if they are having difficulty in any way and five more of my friends are now pregnant or had their babies! Quite remarkable when you think about it!

I am happy for you to get my details from Siobhan if you want to speak to me in person/phone or email before you make an appointment with her.  I can’t recommend her enough!

I know some of the methods she uses are not what we are used to in Ireland, they work! If you are trying this is a great alternative for you to IVF or hormonal treatments. Both partners can also be treated by Siobhan as well.

Jennifer, Co. Wicklow