Success After a Molar Pregnancy and Three Miscarriages

"Siobhan was the first person in a long line of health care professionals who explained how to maintain a healthy pregnancy."

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Read how thanks to Siobhan, we had success after a molar pregnancy:

I had my first baby girl in April 2010 at nearly 36 years of age, without any difficulty.  I fell pregnant again just over a year later but lost our baby boy at approximately 19 weeks in Oct 2011.  It came as a devastating shock – there were no warning signs and after a limited post mortem, there were still no explanations.  I fell pregnant for the third time the following March 2012 but miscarried at about 6 weeks.  After what seemed like an eternity (in reality 8 months), we were relieved to get a positive pregnancy result.  Unfortunately, that fourth pregnancy ended at 8 weeks with no foetal heartbeat.  Following a D&C procedure, I was told I had had a partial molar pregnancy.  This meant I had to have my hcg levels monitored weekly for 3 months and I was advised not to get pregnant before those 3 months had passed.

It was at this stage I decided to contact Siobhan.  I was 38 years old and had a 2 year old and three miscarriages in a row, each one very different from the other.  As I couldn’t make appointments in Enniscorthy to attend Siobhan at that time, she referred me to her colleague in Dublin, Josephine Lynch, who also uses Chinese herbs and practices acupuncture for fertility purposes.  I had just had the D&C and the effects of the anaesthetic were still evident but even so, shortly after beginning the herbs Josephine recommended I started to feel stronger in a short period of time.  As I got closer to the 3 month mark, Josephine focused on improving the blood supply around the pelvic area.  I got pregnant straight away and had a blissfully straight forward pregnancy.  Our second daughter was born in November 2013 and we were overjoyed.

Despite the difficult journey we had been on, we both felt a third child would complete our family.  I fully intended to use Chinese herbs prior to trying to conceive, however I fell pregnant unexpectedly 7 months after the birth of our second girl in June 2014.  Even though I hoped for the best, I lost that baby at 10 weeks.  It was devastating all over again and brought back feelings of despair and grief again.

At this time we had moved from Dublin so I contacted Siobhan and she had a consultation with my husband and me. She identified our individual areas that needed attention. We were both on Chinese herbs and spirulina for about 2 months with regular appointments to monitor progress. After 2 months Siobhan suggested to start trying to get pregnant and luckily I got pregnant immediately. I’m now 41 years old and 35 weeks pregnant. I’ve enjoyed a healthy pregnancy. I feel strong and very blessed to be so close to achieving the family unit we desired so much.

Siobhan was the first person in a long line of health care professionals who advised and explained the need to build up our systems to help achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy. Siobhan has extensive experience with recurrent miscarriage and is intensely passionate about helping couples with fertility issues. I’m so glad I listened to Siobhan and followed her advice. It has been life changing for our family.