Pregnancy Itch

"I am delighted I met Siobhan."

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I was 28 weeks pregnant when I developed an itch on my feet and shins. I went to my GP who prescribed a cream to ease the itch, which only made the itch worse. Within one week, the itch had spread all over my body except for my head. I returned to the GP who prescribed antihistamine tablets. These tablets didn’t reduce the itch either, if anything they made me very drowsy. By the end of the week I was only getting 3 hours sleep per night due to the constant itch. The only relief I had was lying in a cold bread soda bath. At this stage I was having 6 baths a day and soak my feet in a bucket of cold water at least another 4 times, trying to keep me cool and reduce the itch. I explained my situation in the antenatal clinic and I was advised to continue with the antihistamine tablets. Needless to say after 2 weeks of this I was exhausted; to think of another ten weeks of this and mind my two year old daughter was unbearable.

A friend then recommended that I visit Siobhan and see if she could help. Siobhan explained that if I was this hot, then the womb may also be too hot, which is not a good environment for my baby. I was unaware of the effect of the heat on my baby until I met Siobhan. She started me on herbs straight away. Within a few days, the itch began to ease during the day and at night I would get 2hours sleep between baths. This was a huge improvement from 20 min naps previously.

Within a week, I was sleeping approx 6 hours per night and taking less baths. Within a month, I didn’t need the cold baths anymore and I would only soak my feet about 3 times per day. The pregnancy continued in this manner. I was very happy as I could sleep, the itch was no longer unbearable and the environment for my baby was improving all the time. I went full term with the pregnancy and I now have a healthy baby boy.

I am delighted I met Siobhan and took the herbs. I understand that people can be concerned about taking herbs during pregnancy; therefore I wanted to share my experience as I found it to be the best option for my situation.

Niamh, Co. Carlow